Advanced Systems Design VI
VLADIMIR  OVOD, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                           Expertise

M.S. in electrical engineering. M.S. thesis “Suppression of bulk waves in RF band-pass filters based on surface acoustic waves (SAW) propagation”.
With Honor: GPA 4.0 from 4.0.

Ph.D. in electro optical engineering. Ph.D. thesis “Design, simulation, modeling and metrological improvement of Laser Particle Size Analyzers”.
GPA 4.0 from 4.0.
Note: The research and development results relate to LADARs for detection, tracking, recognition, sizing, characterization, and velocimetry of micro-targets.

Honors and Awards: Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship (University of Bremen, Germany)
  • Developed mathematical models, algorithms and software for improvement of performances of electro-optical systems with two coherent laser
    beams for applications in controlling of diverse production lines.


Note: The below patents relate to Radiometry-based multi-target detection (LIDAR as Advanced Doctor Assistance System (ADAS) for patient safety); SW
with control algorithms implemented in a broad spectrum of Karl Storz Imaging products.

at Karl Storz Imaging, Inc., Goleta, CA
V. Ovod. USA  Patent US # 9,770163B2, “Method and Apparatus for Controlling Light Output Intensity and Protection from High Intensity                
Light”.  Granted on September 26, 2017.

2.         V. Ovod. German Patent DE # 60 2012 017 561.3. Granted on May 11, 2017. "Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Schutz vor Licht hoher Intensität"

3.         V. Ovod. Canadian Patent CA # 277974C. Granted on April 26, 2016.  (in French)

4.         V. Ovod. European Patent EP # 2547093B1. Granted on April 4, 2016. (PDF in English), (in German), (in French)

5.         V. Ovod. Japanese Patent JP # 5745469B2. Granted on July 8, 2015.

6.         V. Ovod. USA Patent US # 8,878,920B2, "Method and Apparatus for Protection from High Intensity Light". Granted on Nov. 4, 2014.

NIGHT VISION:  Focal Pane Arrays (FPA), Infra-Red (IR) foveal/variable acuity sensors; FPGA-based Algorithms and Processing for Target Detection
and Tracking

at Nova Sensors, Solvang, CA
 V. I. Ovod, C. R. Baxter, M. A. Massie, N. I. Rummelt, P. L. McCarley, “FPGA-based processor for high frame-rate target detection on cluttered
backgrounds using LVASI™ sensors”, Proc. SPIE Vol. 6206, pp.633-644, SPIE Defense  and Security Symposium, Orlando, FL., 2006.

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3.        J. T. Caulfield, V. I. Ovod, R. A. Coussa, C. R. Baxter, M. A. Massie, “Advanced on FPA and near FPA image processing for infrared sensors,
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J. Kristl, M. A. Massie, V. I. Ovod, J. P. Curzan, and C. R. Baxter.Hypertemporal detection of boost phase missiles using VASI sensing and HTI
algorithms, MD-SEA Conference, Monterey Naval Postgraduate School, Paper E5, November 20, 2003.

ELECTRO-OPTICAL SYSTEMS/SENSORS DESIGN and Laser-based Scientific and Commercial Systems (selected publications).

Subfield: LADARs for detection, tracking, recognition, sizing and velocimetry of micro-targets:

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at Department of Chemistry of UCSB, CA
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at Theoretical Physical Chemistry Dept., Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium:
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", Langmuir, 14, pp. 2610-2618, 1998.

at Mechanical Process Engineering Dept., Technical University of Dresden, Germany:
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at Particle Sizing Systems, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA:
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at Process Engineering Dept., Technical University of Bremen, Germany:
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Congress Optical Particle Sizing, , pp. 473-482, Nuernberg, Germany, 21-23 March, 1995.

For more technical papers published in Laser-based scientific and commercial instrumentation, refer to Springer
 ( )


Advanced Systems Design VI